MK deals directly with the entire production process, from research and development, to chemical formulation up to labeling and packaging, so as to ensure constant monitoring of product quality throughout the supply chain.

The production site, with an area of 20,000 square meters plus a storage area of over 1,000 tons, reaches a production capacity of up to 120 tons per day.

The Research & Development department employs an in-house laboratory that tests and continuously develops new formulas using innovative materials and exclusive principles, developing excellent quality products and respecting the most stringent safety protections for the user.

To guarantee distinctive results in the image, MK  internally develops the graphic-advertising component linked to the product and the printing of labels, to guarantee timely compliance with regulatory updates.

MK  pursues quality also in distribution policy, using a selected network of retailers and distributors in the sector, with a proposal exclusively dedicated to the cash&carry channel and through continuous commercial support.